Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Fred Got a Kidney Today - Ecumenism and Benevolence at their Best

Fred Howe (4FredAKidney.com) received a life-saving gift today from a person who, guided by Renewal, read on Facebook about Fred’s desperate need to be saved in Facebook's Catholic Prayer Group.

Joe Gilvary, an altruistic donor volunteer who had never before met Fred Howe, came forward from Maryland and has taken a short period of time off from work in order to undergo transplant surgery and rest before returning to his job.  Joe, a father of three, donated his kidney to Fred, a father of two and grandfather of six.  Donor and recipient are doing well.  Watch video.

Fred’s wife Barbara has worked tirelessly for more than 3 years to let the world know of her husband’s need.  She used a variety of methods, from lawn signs and printed flyers to email and, ultimately, this website (4FredAKidney.com) and Facebook.  Fred’s website went live March 19, 2018, exactly 3 months ago to the day of his life-saving transplant.

Credit, respect, honor and heartfelt thanks go to so many people but certainly first and foremost to kidney donor Joe Gilvary whose selfless act of human kindness has returned Fred to his life.

And Renewal, an incredible non-profit organization that helps donors navigate the administrative processes, holds their hands, is with them during testing, answers questions and provides support in  all important ways imaginable.  If you’re moved to help Renewal carry on its important work of facilitating kidney transplants but can’t donate a kidney, consider donating money.

Fred's wife, Barbara Howe, is a formidable advocate.  Every kidney patient needing a transplant needs a Barbara Howe on their team.  She beat the bushes, dug up every lead, and asked for help everywhere she could imagine.  She just was not going to take “no” for an answer.  Her Fred was going to get a kidney and she wasn’t going to sleep until he did.

Through Barbara’s effective and continual work getting the message out, this website received almost 38,000 visits since launching.

The lesson here is that although finding a kidney donor is not easy, it is not impossible either.  Try this, try that, speak with people, get and implement ideas, never give up.  Fred’s and Barbara’s story inspires.

Fred Howe started dialysis in April, 2015.  In February, 2016 he reached out to Renewal.  As with all patients, Renewal created an advertising campaign for him.  His family spent much time campaigning and spreading the word through Facebook, lawn signs and even car magnets.

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Fred Got a Kidney Today - Ecumenism and Benevolence at their Best

Fred Howe ( 4FredAKidney.com ) received a life-saving gift today from a person who, guided by Renewal , read on Facebook about Fred’s despe...